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"Frierson is great charming company and tells a good tale . . . a polished performance . . . One doesn't have tobe a baseball buff to enjoy this pleasant evening. Appealing! Charming! Amusing! Great!"

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"Frierson is totally convincing — not only giving, say, a beautifully technical account of the 'fade-away,' but in behaving seemingly with all the authority and knowledge of Mathewson’s acquired personal history. It’s pure virtuosity.  A perfect pitch!"

-- Clive Barnes, NEW YORK POST

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 "Remarkable! This show is as memorable as an exciting World Series game and it wakes up the echoes about why we love baseball. When MATTY comes to your town don't miss it! A great way to get hooked on baseball again!"

-- Tim Wendel, USA TODAY

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"A great new play! If you could act your way into Cooperstown, Frierson would be there!"

-- Kevin Fitzpatrick, MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL     

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"A magnificent trip back in time! I recommended it highly!"

-- Keith Olbermann, MSNBC (formerly of ESPN and FOXSPORTS NETWORK)     



"Holy Cow! It's a hit! Frierson and director Kerrigan Mahan have given this piece a shape rarely found in one-person shows!"

-- TimeOut! NEW YORK

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"Eddie Frierson puts flesh on the MATTY myth and brings one of the games greatest back to life in magnificent form!"

--- Ray Robinson, THE SPORTING NEWS

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"It's 100% true that you don't have to be a baseball fan to be completely engaged by Eddie Frierson's performance. He leaves the audience with a real appreciation of Christy Mathewson, and the place and time in which he was an authentic American hero. On the other hand, if you are a baseball fan, you will be amazed at how much you didn't know about "Matty," his contemporaries, and the dramatic baseball events of their time."

-- Bob Costas, NBC SPORTS


"'MATTY,' is a warm and genuinely affectionate tribute to a great ball player that’s sure to please anyone who truly loves the game. Wonderful yarns about baseball during its rowdy early days and colorful anecdotes about Mathewson’s fellow stars of the diamond make for an entertaining two hours even if you are not a baseball fan."

-- Michael Sommers, NEWARK STAR-LEDGER

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"Catches the spirit of the times -- which includes, of course, the present -- with great spirit and theatricality!"

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"Brilliant! Absolutely fantastic for the entire family!"

-- WBAI RADIO, New York

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"Whether you are a baseball fan or not, Eddie Frierson’s play, "MATTY: An Evening With Christy Mathewson," is a superb theatrical experience!"


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"MATTY hits a home run!  One of the Year's Ten Best Plays!"

-- KCRW-FM, NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO                                                                          


"The Best One Man Show! Frierson is endearing, charming, sincere, and deserves as many praiseworthy adjectives as Mathewson had victories (373). Even the most baseball-phobic of the stagestruck would have a great time at this show!"


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"An entertaining reprise of the life and times of one of baseball’s early greats. Frierson, as Mathewson looking back, pours energy and down-home charm into an evening of raconteur theater."


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"It’s like there’s a 50-character play going on! 'Matty' is an inspiring evening of theatre, managing to be about more than "mere baseball," with much to say to our own hyper-cynical time."


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