The Mathewson Foundation

For more information or to book a performance of "MATTY" in your area please call The Mathewson Foundation at (661)288-2288, (800)75-MATTY or via e-mail.


The Mathewson Foundation is a not-for-profit educational organization established to support research, provide education (directly, through training and, indirectly, through scholarships), develop media and promote events which will encourage young people to identify their own unique combinations of talents and to nurture the important character traits exemplified in the life of Christy Mathewson. The Foundation is committed especially to identifying and supporting individuals who combine athletic abilities, academic talents and fine arts interests within the framework of a strong personal faith.


 How does THE MATHEWSON FOUNDATION make a difference?

The Mathewson Foundations develops, produces and arranges the following experiences for young people of all backgrounds:

- school assemblies

- community theatre events

- TV interviews

- commemorative functions

- seasonal promotions (e.g., baseball)

In addition, The Mathewson Foundation solicits contributions which are used in the following ways:

- scholarships and awards

- educational camps/retreats

- internships and practicum

- speakers/role model events

- commercials/media exposure

In the future, The Mathewson Foundations intends to involve professional athletes, fine arts performers and corporate "partners" who will participate in a variety of activities that will encourage youth to have high aspirations, to make a commitment to further education and to live lives of strong moral character.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help with the Foundation and its efforts, please write to:


P.O. Box 220323

Newhall, CA, 91322-0323

Eddie Frierson as Christy Mathewson in "MATTY"